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2017 ha Qiahui Terry energy industrial investment fund was officially signed!

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-09-19 14:21:13 Read: 6561 second

The International Exhibition Center in Xiamen for two days at the 2017 Xiamen fair - Green Finance and green industry summit has ended, and in September 17th for Terry energy is of great significance for a day. Shenzhen Taili energy limited joint association and the international green green crossword (Beijing) Industrial Investment Co. Ltd. successfully initiated the establishment of China's first signing of Bio Energy Investment Fund - Terry energy industrial investment fund.

The fund is mainly used to support the fourth generation of biodiesel technology in the global application. It will also help the enterprises in the bio energy industry to obtain new financing channels in financial innovation and capital market, and realize the innovation of industrial development and merger and acquisition. The day of the meeting, the signing ceremony is popular with the leader, with Terry Terry to the global fund energy issue, will set off a new round of investment in Terry energy wave.
Before signing the contract, Mr. Chairman Terry Liu Hong energy from biodiesel nano molecular sieve catalytic cracking core reduction technology industrialization to share the development road of "green industry + financial" and its significance.
In the high-end dialogue of "innovation and integration green finance and green industry mode optimization", green financial institutions and green industry representatives further focused on the theme, and discussed the path and mode of innovation integration of green finance and green industry.
Terry energy industrial investment fund was launched, is the international green economy association to implement the 2017 central financial work conference on finance off the virtual reality of the spirit of the policy, green finance and green industry to discuss the integration of financial services, in reality, a green new beneficial attempt.
After the meeting, the chairman accepted many media interviews, introduced the company's development and business value in detail, and made more people understand the development prospects of the company so as to seek effective cooperation and investment.
In the future, go back and see the rapid development of the energy of the terry thriving gratifying. Has ten years of grinding sword! After 12 years of painstaking research, Terry energy from the project, laboratory test, small scale production test, to test the scale of production; from the first generation to the development of the fourth generation of biodiesel biodiesel, made by Liu Hong, chairman of the expert scientist as the representative of all the love and care, to change the living environment of mankind as their own the sense of mission and responsibility!
Research and development of bio diesel energy Terry's success, marking the beginning of mankind no longer dependent on oil and energy, also marks the terry energy gained only global leading bio diesel technology patent qualification, by pure hydrocarbon biodiesel in new energy technology industry, from the fundamental solution, food safety, environmental pollution, energy crisis, for the benefit of all mankind!
There is such a story in Ma Yun's CEO live address to the Alibaba. "Ten years ago, when we saw countless great companies, we were also confused. Will we have a chance? Insisting, insisting, facing the change, we can go to today. "
Today's Terry energy also is such, we can't change yesterday, but we only do their own, with 100%, 100%, the spirit of dedication, believe in 100% and 100% to believe Terry energy within two years, the company will give all of my friends believe a big surprise, Terry energy will create another the age of miracles.

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