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The good news | congratulate Terry energy and Goldman Sachs Group successfully signed!

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-10-26 14:20:11 Read: 5368 second

At 14 pm on October 25, 2017, Terry energy and Goldman Sachs Group in Shenzhen Industrial Road No. 78, Rancho Santa Fe villa conference hall successfully signed, the two sides signed a formal strategic investment cooperation agreement.

The two sides signed on behalf of tutor, Professor of York University, Eric president of the United States Hang Seng Capital Asia (the United States Dr. Goldman Sachs investment adviser) and Mr. Terry energy chairman Liu Hong.
Dr. Eric at the signing ceremony of pure hydrocarbons biodiesel core technology's energy gave a high evaluation, said the technology to change the future of human energy patterns, is of great significance to solve the energy sustainable development, this technology will bring great social benefits and economic benefits.

Subsequently, President Liu Hong delivered a speech, the first chairman of Dr. Eric is highly recognized for company expressed heartfelt thanks, and talked about: Terry energy is adhering to change society, the benefit of the human mind, in the field of bio diesel is realized on the technology process of revolutionary break. And it really realized the best quality biodiesel from all the animal oils and fats in the world. It is composed of 100% diesel oil and can be used directly on diesel engines.

This technology solves the biggest pain point in the industry's history and will change the energy pattern of the world in the future. The success of the contract, very much hope that the capital strength of the Goldman Sachs Group, let this technology better service society!
The contract for the main content of the Goldman Sachs Group for million, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangxi energy investment Terry Jiangxi Hongde Amperex Technology Limited. Both sides reached a strategic cooperation, and will in the future according to the market demand, continue with the cast a lot of money, and Terry energy together to complete industrial layout, open up the global energy market.

The Goldman Sachs Group is one of the oldest and largest investment banks in the world. The headquarters is located in New York, with branches in Tokyo, London and Hongkong, with 41 offices in 23 countries. All its operations are based on a compact and global basis, providing services to customers by excellent experts. At the same time, it has rich knowledge of regional market and the ability of international operation.
Goldman is a leading adviser to Chinese customers in the field of mergers and acquisitions (including cross-border transactions) to provide customers with financing solutions to help achieve their strategic goals. The Chinese state-owned enterprises (such as Sinopec, Chinese marine oil, national grid, ICBC, Chinese life and Ping An insurance) and leading private enterprises (such as Baidu, Biguiyuan, Guangzhou bodied estate and Sina) performed in a number of cases of capital market has milepost sense has great significance, change their investment projects.
This investment is highly recognized by Terry energy, a company of bio diesel technology; the two is more emphasis on the technology to change the future pattern of human energy and energy sustainable development is of great significance and development prospect.
The signing ceremony invited many heavyweight guests, among which the guests were invited.
Chairman Huang Yinghui, chairman of the trade union of the Guangdong Forestry Department
Director Sun Ye, chief editor of China Network ASEAN channel
Ge Yihua, vice president and Secretary General of Guangdong endowment Service Industry Promotion Association
Chairman Hao Jialong, vice president of China International Investment Investment
Director Wu Shaoquan, director of China International Investment Committee
At the same time, there is also a high level and a special agent for the company. All the guests witnessed the signing ceremony, the strategic cooperation will boost the rapid development of Terry energy, accelerate industrialization construction factory.

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