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Dexing municipal Party committee secretary Liu Ruiying met with Chairman Terry Liu Hong energy line, and discuss on the biodiesel project

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-11-24 14:19:24 Read: 1244 second

It is reported that the morning of November 23rd, the Dexing municipal Party committee secretary Liu Ruiying in Dexing silver deer hotel meeting with the chairman of Shenzhen Taili Energy Co. Ltd. Liu Hong line. The two sides discussed the biodiesel project and exchanged views on the related matters. Dexing Municipal Committee, United Front minister Liu Dongyi, vice chairman of Dexing City, commerce secretary Da Hailong and Si Zhou Zhen and other relevant units responsible person to participate in activities.

During the talks, Secretary Liu Ruiying pointed out that the nineteen major reports of the party put forward that we should promote the energy production and consumption revolution, and build clean, low carbon, safe and efficient energy system. Biodiesel as a green and clean new energy, its application has an important strategic position for the protection of the ecological environment, and it can better meet the needs of people for a better life.

Secretary Liu Ruiying said that our city is very welcome to invest in Dexing with high quality green and environmentally friendly enterprises with the prospect of industrial development. Dexing has always attached great importance to the investment in ecological environmental protection work, and hopes that both sides will reach an early consensus on the basis of further communication and understanding. Next, I will further serve the enterprise, make good use of academician workstation, do two resource recycling and harmless and no tail of key technology and equipment research and development, economic development continues to add new vitality, new power, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the visibility of the city promotion.
Subsequently, President Liu Hong introduced the company's product features, industrial funds and production bases in detail. He said that Dexing has the advantages of beautiful ecological environment and significant traffic location, which is the treasure land of investment. Dexing Pro business excellent business atmosphere is very strong, sincerely hope that the enterprise can get better development in Dexing, and the people of Dexing to create a better tomorrow.

After the meeting in the afternoon, chairman Liu Hong visited the Dexing factory of Terry energy. We talked to the chief engineer of the company and inquired about the actual situation and progress of the factory construction project. The Dexing factory is currently in the construction of the transformation stage, the company has nearly ten people in Jiangxi Dexing factory workers (including terry energy executive vice president, chief engineer), has millions of funds for equipment maintenance and construction of sewage treatment projects, projects are stepping up construction.
The company plans to invest tens of millions of funds for technological transformation, to ensure that after the Spring Festival in 2018 to produce bio diesel B5, then 80 million capital investment installation Terry energy equipment, to reach an annual output of 100 thousand tons of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel within two years, to achieve annual sales of 500 million yuan, annual profit 80 million yuan. We strive to realize the production of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel in July 2018.
The leadership of the company's trip to Dexing, not only to promote the company and the Dexing municipal government to deepen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, the Dexing municipal government to further understand the factory, more energy factory in Dexing Dexing Taili future development has laid a good foundation. I believe in the height of support of the Dexing municipal government, Dexing project construction energy Terry will quickly fall, to achieve large-scale production point the day and await for it.

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