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Terry energy will be invited to participate in the 2017 China (Suining) Green Expo Green Technology Forum

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-12-08 14:19:07 Read: 1537 second
In the nineteen report under the guidance of the spirit, by the international green economy association and Sichuan Suining city green economic development office, Suining Hedong District Management Committee jointly organized the "2017 Chinese (Suining) Green Expo Green Technology Forum will be held in Suining City, Sichuan province in December 9, 2017. The International Association for the green economy with its outstanding green technology selection and organization advantage and green public appeal, organized in 10 countries and nearly 200 domestic enterprises of all kinds of green technology in the world, green life Expo in building a green economy strong city as the goal and the highlight of Sichuan Suining, attracted from all walks of life pay attention to.
Will be held in the same period of "2017 China (Suining) green life and green technology forum, more than 10 national policy and industry experts, more than 20 green financial institutions on behalf of more than 40 international representatives and 100 Chinese green science and technology enterprise and the Suining municipal government leaders and relevant experts and enterprises in Sichuan and Chongqing, media nearly 300 people at the forum, focusing on the impact of green technology and green industry green lifestyle, green technology and research group standard, green industry and green finance frontier, a series of focus to solve the problem of green technology to lead a green life.
Shenzhen Taili energy company as the biodiesel industry leader, will be invited to participate in the exhibition. Terry energy R & D has been committed to clean energy, its products and core technology has been at the forefront of the industry. This 2017 China (Suining) green life Expo and green technology summit forum is also the theme spirit to respond to "green lead fashion, technology change life". Terry energy pure hydrocarbon biodiesel products to the world and people from all walks of life to participate in the activities of publicity, the company's brand image, let more people understand and pay attention to has been actively innovation, at the forefront of bio energy industry Terry energy.
In fact, led by the International Association for the green economy, combined with the bio energy industry on behalf of the enterprise - Shenzhen Taili Energy Co. Ltd. in September 17th in the "2017 Xiamen fair - Green Finance and green industry summit", has initiated the establishment of the first domestic bio energy investment fund "Terry energy industrial investment fund". The fund is also committed to implementing the spirit of the 2017 central financial work conference on finance, which is a policy of "de going to reality". At the same time, the new financing channels are actively explored for the bio energy enterprises in financial innovation and capital market, so as to realize the innovation of industrial development and merger and acquisition.
Terry energy has been a positive response "to promote green development, the construction of the beautiful Chinese" policy, to the supply of clean energy to the society will be the best quality, the most environmentally friendly, to contribute to sustainable development for national energy conservation and ecological civilization construction.
Nineteen report "to provide more high-quality ecological products to meet people's increasing needs of beautiful ecological environment, promote the formation of green development and life style" and "market orientation of the green technology innovation system, the development of green finance, strengthen energy-saving environmental protection industry, cleaner production industry, clean energy industry." A series of green development and green life spirit, the nineteen will further green development to "green life" goal form, green life has become a green technology, eco products and green development of the fundamental focus.
2017, the theme of green life Expo in Suining is "green lead fashion, technology change life". Green production, green textile printing and dyeing, green travel, green living, green agriculture and other functional exhibition areas are set up. Intelligent sharing of new energy vehicles charging battery life post, charging pile, prefabricated construction, green plants and green textile dyeing technology and environmental protection Home Furnishing technology and a series of closely related with the green life of all kinds of advanced green technology will be unveiled in Suining Green Expo, more 3D printing, intelligent robot, VR, AR, AI, DA and other advanced green intelligent technology for the majority of people in Sichuan and Chongqing Economic Zone provide green life science interactive experience. Suining green life Expo will lead green consumption and green lifestyle change with green technology exhibition and interaction with the masses, and promote the wide public form the new fashion of green lifestyle.
2017, the exhibition of China (Suining) green life Expo will become an important activity to respond to the nineteen new spirit of the age and take the lead in practicing green development and green life. It is a green technology show with distinctive characteristics and highlights. Here we wish this event to be held smoothly.
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