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2017 China (Suining) green life Expo was successfully held

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In December 9, 2017, by the Suining city group green economic development guidance, sponsored by the green economic development office of Suining City Hedong District Management Committee and the city of Suining, the international green economy association and the Suining Dong Fu investment limited liability company to undertake the 2017 China (Suining) Green Expo opened in Suining City Sports center. The Expo is to "green lead the fashion, technology is changing life" as the theme, from the national ministries and leadership policy experts in Sichuan Province, Suining city leaders, three continents and more than a dozen countries foreign and domestic twenty provinces of green science and technology enterprises, more than twenty financial institutions, representatives of more than 20 well-known media a total of about four hundred people attended the event.

Liu Yanhua, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of National Cultural Industry Development Center Party Secretary Li Hongyan, director of the Institute of Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission Dai Yande, Chinese standard of national quality inspection administration of resources and environment, the people's Bank branch president Lin Ling, deputy director of the office of energy conservation and emission reduction China Xin Xiaoguang, executive chairman of Deng Jihai International Green Economy Association, the mayor of Sichuan city in Suining province Yang Zili at the opening ceremony.
Welcome speech by Vice Mayor of Suining Municipal People's Government of a private, vice mayor said Suining since 2013 held the first Green Expo, the annual session of the Green Expo has been the majority of the people of Suining know, green living has become the fashion Suining. Welcome guests and businessmen from far away to take a look at this time in Suining to see more about Suining. We also welcome more valuable suggestions for Suining's development.

Welcome Suining City Vice Mayor Zhang PVT.

Liu Yanhua, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology in his speech talked about many times to Suining, Suining to his feeling is that Suining's leadership attaches great importance to the development of the green economy, and very forward-looking, started the relevant planning early, believe that Suining green economy will make greater achievements, Suining green voice will sing china.

The leaders, guests, business representatives, media representatives and representatives of the public attended the opening ceremony. They signed the green living Suining initiative, calling on everyone to act together, start from me, practice green life with their own actions, and build the beautiful earth homeland together.
After the opening ceremony, the leading guests visited the exhibition area of the Green Expo. It was agreed that the Expo's exhibitors had a wide range of sources, high green technology content, and very close to the citizens' life. It is a high-quality exposition.

Terry as the Green Life Energy Expo invited exhibitors in the exhibition site, launched a three day exhibition, the exhibition of the main purpose for the rest of the world to come to the participants and guests on behalf of the propaganda and introduction of the company's brand, expanding the company's reputation, let more people understand the pure hydrocarbon bio diesel technology and quality leading Terry energy biodiesel. At the same time with this opportunity, caused major concern of the organization, to lay a good foundation for the future development of Terry energy.
Terry energy has been adhering to develop green energy, improve the living environment of mankind's mission, deep in the green field of clean energy for decades. The positive response of the "green fashion, life changing technology, the spirit of the theme, also in that Terry will continue to adhere to green energy development concept based on bio diesel technology innovation drives the rapid development of enterprises, the construction of new green environmental protection enterprise, to create a leading brand of biodiesel.
As an important product of energy fuel, diesel fuel is an indispensable source of power in many industries. Only by constantly improving technology, improving fuel quality and refining the most environmentally friendly and renewable clean energy, can we continue the healthy development and prosperity of human society. And the development and innovation of clean energy, such as biodiesel, can be said to be in the present time.
The Expo is for a period of three days, in addition to the exhibition, and the investment project will promote green development activities, city inspection, green technology and green life forum, green finance and green industry forum, green standards and green technology industry forum series carried out at the same time, a lot of things.

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