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Warmly congratulate Terry energy and won the \

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-12-29 14:17:32 Read: 4477 second

The morning of December 28, 2017, Guangdong province entrepreneur association, a leading economist for Terry to guide the work of energy, at the same time ceremony, awarded the "outstanding award Terry energy enterprises in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province integrity enterprise" honorary title, at the same time, chairman Liu Hong awarded the outstanding entrepreneur in Guangdong Province "," Guangdong Province integrity entrepreneurs "honorary certificate. Terry honored to be in Guangdong province energy economists association director unit, chairman Liu Hong in Guangdong Province as the economist entrepreneurs association.

The leaders and guests attending the ceremony were:
Mr. He Lisen, President of the Guangdong Provincial Federation of enterprises and enterprises,
Mr. Li Kewei, executive director and Secretary General of Guangdong Provincial Federation of enterprises
Ms. Huang Suwei, consultant of Guangdong Provincial Federation of enterprises
Mr. Zhang Yongye, former Deputy Minister of the united front and director of the Department of national religion, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou
Mr. Yang Zhiwen, chairman of Shenzhen Heng Yue Group
Mr. Dai Zhiming, executive secretary of Guangdong Provincial Federation of enterprises
Ms. Chen Ge, chairman of the Union trade union of Guangdong Province
Mr. Chen Xiangqi, assistant to the entrepreneurs service center of Guangdong Province
Also present were all energy executives terry.
The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Chen Xiangqi, assistant to the entrepreneur service center of Guangdong province. Before the ceremony, Mr. Chen Xiangqi introduces the leaders and guests, then chairman Liu Hong of speech, chairman of the first to the guests introduced Terry energy pure hydrocarbon biodiesel technology research purpose and leading technology, and the twelve years of painstaking research and development team Cheng Youzhong thanked the experts and scholars together to adhere to the development and pay a lot blood.

Then, the chairman described Terry energy development of the current situation and the strategic planning of the company. Speaking of which: Terry energy Jiangxi Dexing factory currently has with the Dexing government to reach an agreement, will be a period with 100 acres of land for the construction of an annual output of pure hydrocarbon bio diesel model plant 200 thousand tons, and strive to July 2018 success out of oil, estimated annual sales of 1 billion 400 million yuan. Dexing will be the first Talim energy production base, has a crucial role in the future the company achieved national industrial layout. Terry energy has basically completed the structure of oil industry chain, will realize from raw material production to the whole ecological chain of finished oil sales. After the successful construction of the Dexing Jiangxi model factory, the company will take the industry layout at home and abroad as soon as possible and achieve the scale and industrialization of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel.
The chairman at the award ceremony is also mentioned in pure hydrocarbon biodiesel industry layout, will also be engaged in technology industrialization diatom utilization project, this project has been previously and the National Academy of Engineering academician Wang Zhaokai cooperation, academician Wang Zhaokai engaged in research and development of diatoms for nearly twenty years, the current project technology has matured. The chairman then introduced the application direction and characteristics of diatom in detail. The application of this technology will also be one of the important direction of future development of the company. After the speech, the Provincial Federation of enterprises carried out the issuing ceremony.

The above is the privilege of Terry energy will witness, Faith moves mountains, Guangdong province is the enterprise alliance's energy must work. As the chairman said, Terry team twelve years of painstaking research and development, after many twists and turns and unremittingly, firmly believe that the hearts of everyone: I hope to create a little value to society in a short period of life. It is believed that this spirit is also the enterpriser spirit of Guangdong province.

Chairman Liu Hong said: as a business, in the realization of their own value at the same time, more is to realize the value of the enterprise in the society, and to Guangdong province by Terry energy enterprises linked together, in the common platform for entrepreneurs in complete association shall create social value in the society.

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