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Warmly celebrate Terry energy in Shenzhen equity trading center in Qianhai new four Board formally bell success!

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-12-28 14:17:06 Read: 7838 second

In December 28, 2017 13 PM, Shenzhen Taili energy limited success in Shenzhen equity trading center in Qianhai new four Board formally bell. Mark Terry energy entered the market standard stage through equity financing, and Terry energy into the Chinese milepost of the capital market, more energy is Terry a necessary step towards the capital market.

At the awarding ceremony and the ceremony of chairman Liu Hong introduced the development process of Terry energy and future development planning to the participants:
1: acquisition of Jiangxi Hongde new energy Co., Ltd. has entered a raging stage. In September 2017, under the leadership of Liang Gong, all the engineering personnel kept upgrading the original equipment at night, and tried to use the original equipment to realize B5 biodiesel production and oil production in January 2018.
The 2: plan before August 2018 formally put into production of pure hydrocarbons of bio diesel oil, and announced to the world of pure hydrocarbon bio diesel energy into large-scale production of formal terry.
3: accelerate the acquisition of diatom diatom oil project, provide low cost, high oil content of up to 36% for Terry energy.

Terry Energy listed on the success of means that enterprises will be better to enter the capital market, the capital market can help the enterprise to develop fast, realize the value of the business. At the same time also means that the company management will be more standardized, through the listing to build a modern governance structure of the enterprise, to prepare for the IPO, will also be planned for 2019 in Hongkong Taili energy booster listed on the main board!
Thank all the support and trust you, Terry energy will continue to move forward, deliver the goods, and strive to contribute to the society the most clean energy, to achieve the maximum social value of enterprises!

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