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Chairman Liu Hong went to Dexing, Jiangxi province with a tour of the International Green Economic Association survey group

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-01-05 14:16:28 Read: 1913 second

In January 5, 2018, the international green economic association organized an investigation group to Dexing, Jiangxi province. The delegation performed by the international green economy association, led Deng Jihai, senior adviser to the chairman of Shenzhen Energy Co., Liu Hong, Terry Shen Yiyang, the Asian Development Bank Group investment manager Dongxu Dongxu capital Tan Zhigang, Deputy Secretary General of the association of Changtai Wu Xiji texten group Dong Hao, etc..

On the morning of 5, accompanied by the Minister of Municipal United Front Committee, the delegation went to Dexing City, the new economic venture industrial park in Shenzhen, Talim Energy Co. Ltd (Dexing factory), Yuansen saffron Tea Oil Co., Ltd. and Dongdong Industrial City Urban Planning Museum and other places to visit and learn about the green development the situation in Dexing.

After the field investigation and investigation, the green development symposium was held in the conference room of the 19 floor of the Dexing building in the afternoon of 5. Deputy Secretary of Dexing Municipal Committee, mayor Guo Feng, municipal committee, United Front minister Liu Dongyi, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Dexing Economic Development Zone Director Hong Zonglu, municipal government office, city development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, city committee, Municipal Bureau of Agriculture, Municipal Planning Bureau, the municipal finance office and other units attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Guo Feng welcomed the study group, and briefly introduces the status quo of Dexing city. After listening to the speeches of the members of the research group, he said that the concept and the vision of the business representatives and experts in the research and inspection group were unique and have a unique view on the policy. The research team's work is very pragmatic, actively for the green development of Dexing suggestions, lead the bridge. At the same time, the research team's strength is very strong, and the member enterprises have the leading industries in their respective industries. I hope that the association can establish long-term cooperative relationship with our city, and take effective measures to improve Dexing's environment and develop green economy so as to contribute to the sustainable development of our city's economy and society.

Subsequently, Deng Jihai said that the international green economy association hopes to give full play to the advantages of association in resources, advanced ideas, talent, technology and other aspects, for the broad deep level with Dexing in the field of new energy development, Chinese medicine industry development and cooperation, and jointly promote the Dexing city green development and green rise, bringing the two sides cooperation to a new level.

In recent years, Dexing adhere to the green ecology as the biggest advantage, realize the sustainable development of resource type city the most bright brand, firmly establish the concept of golden hill is beautiful scenery, adhere to the green rise as one of the main strategic development, has become the practice of national leadership "two mountains" theory model and promote the first area, green development demonstration area.
Jiangxi respect innovation energy Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Terry energy, Terry is now emerging in energy projects in Dexing city Xiangtun sulfide industrial park plan and construction, the construction is located opposite Terry Wang De energy factory. After the completion of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel production scale up to 200 thousand tons, it will be the first energy Terry model factory production base, establish standards for the future layout of the national industry and lay the foundation.

Jointly build green industry, implement the spirit of the nineteen party, is the development direction of the international green economy association and the Dexing municipal government insist, at the same time also Terry energy development goals. We believe that the project of Zun innovation energy production base will be completed and put into production with the fastest speed of development under the support of all parties. To create a green development industry demonstration base, promote the development of the local green economy, create social value and benefit, and contribute to the society.

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