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Terry energy the successful completion of the Shenzhen harvic Biological Engineering Research Center Co., Ltd. to acquire the shares

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-01-19 14:16:08 Read: 2438 second

On January 18, 2018, Terry energy successfully completed with the Shenzhen harvic Biological Engineering Research Center Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Siu Kai bio) the two major shareholders of the acquisition of equity transfer matters. So far, Siu Kai biological officially became a wholly-owned holding company of the company's Terry energy, the patent technology will become pure hydrocarbon biodiesel Terry raw material supply an important source of energy, a huge industrial chain system and the use of diatom technology in the future will form a very competitive, for energy projects to achieve the effect of icing on the cake terry.

Shenzhen harvic Biological Engineering Research Center Co. Ltd. was founded in December 2008, the high yield cultivation technology is committed to the development of open diatoms, and on the basis of the development of marine microalgae energy, bio environmental protection, bio medicine and biological application of food applications technology.

The company's president and technical director academician Wang Zhaokai is a famous international aquaculture engineering experts, in 1995 was elected to the National Academy of engineering, engaged in aquaculture engineering and agricultural engineering research work, presided over the design of the development of a number of open photobioreactor, developed unique diatom open scale cultivation and harvesting system engineering technology. The company has obtained a number of patent technologies and is in the leading position in the application of diatom.
Diatoms are widely distributed, grow fast, and are suitable for open large-scale cultivation. They are important ways to obtain effective biological resources without occupying the existing agricultural land and water resources.
Diatom is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids and carbohydrates, and some species are rich in oil, trace elements and minerals. It is the important food oil and bio fuel resources of human beings. Diatom shell is a natural nanomaterial, and is the carrier of the advanced catalyst. The special protein and unsaturated fatty acid contained in the pharmaceutical health care products have broad prospects for development. The production of 1 tons of dry algae can remove 1.6 tons of CO2 in the air. 1 tons of diatoms contain about 6% of the nitrogen and 0.35% of phosphorus. The nitrogen and phosphorus in sewage are used as the nutritional source of diatoms. That is, nitrogen and phosphorus can be removed from urban sewage by 60 kg and 3.5 kg. The effect of energy saving and emission reduction is obvious.
The daily yield of diatom is affected by sunshine and temperature, and each liter of water can produce 0.1-0.2 grams of dry algae. The high daily yield can reach 0.4 grams per liter. The effective daily working days of 300 days per year and the depth of reactor are 0.3 meters. The annual output of dry algae is 120 tons per hectare, and the amount of bio oil can reach 36 thousand liters by 30%.

The acquisition of Terry Siu Kai biological energy will become one of the main business of the company's future development, the use of diatom prospects, on the one hand, the breeding of diatom resulting crude oil as raw material will be an important source of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel Terry energy. On the other hand, is rare in the industry of diatom on the use of high-quality materials, will be added to the plastic material, can realize the rapid degradation of plastics, plays an important role in environmental protection; diatom or high strength fireproof material, the highest temperature up to 1500 DEG C; add it to the glass products, can enhance the hardness of glass and toughness; most importantly, diatoms can breed in saline soil, which is of great significance to China's environmental governance in saline land.
The use of diatom technology is not only in the direction of its application and prospects are very broad, is an important source of energy in the future industrial layout of Terry plate of. The development and application of Terry energy is committed to the new energy, the future will create a huge green ecological industry chain system, the successful completion of the acquisition of Siu Kai biological holdings, is an important beginning to realize the new energy industry layout Terry, the next step, the company will go all out, go hand in hand, into the fast lane.

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