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The good news | Terry energy Jiangxi plant project officially produced oil!

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-01-22 13:59:40 Read: 1378 second

The morning of January 21, 2018 11 09, Terry energy Jiangxi factory project officially out of oil! The oil on the same day, Terry energy chairman Liu Hong and some executives and shareholders together to factory visit, witnessed the oil time, and held a ceremony of oil.
The successful production of oil is B5 biodiesel, which has laid a good start for the later production of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel. On the day of oil production, President Liu Hong and many shareholders visited factories and laboratories and other places to witness the whole process of oil production.

In the afternoon, the oil ceremony formally, chairman Liu Hong delivered a half-hour speech at the ceremony, the total beam engineers has been rooted in the factory to pay all efforts to express thanks to the heart from, at the same time devoted to energy plant construction Jiangxi Terry and the deputy chief of staff dedication highly recognition and evaluation.

Then, the chairman talked about and support of Dexing municipal government and the international green economy organization attaches great importance to the project, and again elaborated Terry energy vision, more clearly illustrates the current situation and future of terry. Finally, we sincerely thank all the support of Chairman Terry energy shareholders, is in full support of everyone, is now the rapid development of terry.
The chairman said that 2018 is an important year, he will succeed in Dexing to build the world's first pure hydrocarbon biodiesel green benchmarking enterprises. At the same time, Terry future will go all out to the industrial layout, improve the industrial chain, to build a huge new energy industry ecosystem.

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