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Foreign standards for biodiesel and Chinese standards

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-05-04 14:13:36 Read: 17 second
In May 1, 2007 Chinese promulgated the "bio diesel oil blending diesel fuel (BD100)" national standards, international standards of biodiesel is ISO 14214A a ASTM ASTM D 6751 international standard, this standard is the standard used by the standard, by the United States Environmental Protection Bureau in 1996 in the "Clean Air Act" (211 B) to be part of the legal confirmation. Another widely accepted is bio diesel DIN series standard in Germany, is by far the most detailed biodiesel standard, the standard system for raw materials of different DIN standards: from rapeseed and vegetable seeds as raw material with pure RME and PME bio diesel DIN E 51606 standard, with vegetable oil and animal fat for biodiesel DIN V51606 standard mixture FME. The EU also issued the EN14241 biodiesel fuel standard in November 2003.
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