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A review of biodiesel

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-08-04 14:13:26 Read: 864 second
In January 2006, the first "renewable energy law of People's Republic of China" was formally implemented in China, which made us a great opportunity for development. In 2007, the national development and Reform Commission announced the "long-term development plan for renewable energy" to the whole society. The plan pointed out that the total goal of renewable energy development in China in the next fifteen years is to increase the proportion of renewable energy in energy consumption, promote the energy utilization of organic wastes and promote the industrialization development of renewable resources technology. There is a new round of development. Biodiesel as a new energy of high quality is an important development direction of biomass energy in China. The Ministry of science and technology has listed it as the National 863 plan and international cooperation plan for 11th Five-Year. The people's business will be the main force of the innovation of new energy science and technology, and the history has given them a rare opportunity.
This project is the country to promote the new energy projects, as an environmentally friendly green energy regenerative type has the incomparable superiority and development prospects; at present, the developed countries attach great importance to the development and utilization of more of this project; the United States, Germany and Japan, Sweden and other countries to implement preferential policies to encourage the production of biodiesel, the United States, Germany; Sweden and other countries, investment and tax preferential policies to encourage the production of biodiesel. In the United States, biodiesel has been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States Department of agriculture (USDA) and the United States Department of energy (DOE).
What is biodiesel? A diesel alternative fuel produced by the use of plant oil (or animal oil) by chemical transformation. Also known as biodiesel. From the molecular structure, the plant oil molecules are usually composed of 14 to 22 carbon hydrocarbon chains. The diesel molecule is composed of 16 carbon hydrocarbon chains, similar to the plant oil molecules. Therefore, shortening the hydrocarbon chain of vegetable oil in a certain way is a scientific way to transform it into biodiesel. The key problem of conversion of animal and vegetable oils to biodiesel is completely solved by catalytic cracking. Biodiesel is used as a diesel engine fuel, and not only is the physical and chemical properties and combustion properties similar to that of mineral diesel. And it is an ideal alternative fuel for environmental diesel engine. At the same time, biodiesel has the following main advantages:
1. It can be used in any vehicle or ship of any diesel engine. Moreover, the viscosity is suitable, the volatility increases, the starting performance is good, the operation is smooth, the combustion condition is good, the carbon product is less, and the thermal efficiency is high.
2, because biodiesel contains oxygen compounds, the value of sixteen alkane is more than 45, and the efficiency of the engine is slightly higher than that of mineral diesel at high load. The emission of exhaust particles is very low, which reduces the toxic substances by 90% than that of mineral diesel.
3, biodiesel has good (NATURAL) lubrication function, which can reduce friction between fuel injector and oil pump, and make engine parts wear less than mineral diesel. Heat discharge, smoke reduction, no smell, some indexes are better than diesel.
4. The flash point of biodiesel is greater than that of ordinary diesel. The use, transport and storage are extremely safe;
5. There is no waste water and waste in the whole process of production. Equipment output rate (oil conversion rate) for 80% - 90% above, the by-product is valuable chemical raw materials;
6. Among the various alternative fuels, only biodiesel will meet the requirements of the health inspection stipulated in the "clean air law" of the United States. The test shows that the use of biodiesel can reduce the air toxicity by 80%.
7. The biodiesel is nontoxic and has no side effects on human and animal. It can be degraded in water or ground by 100%. The sulphur content is less than 0.01%, which can improve the odor of the exhaust. The decrease of smell and the change of taste make the workers and visitors of the car, the ship and the visitors like it, and feel like the taste of French fries. The user has no eye irritation; when used as fuel for automobiles or ships, it greatly reduces the emission of harmful substances and is very conducive to environmental protection.
8. Biodiesel can be used alone as fuel for internal combustion engines. It does not need to be blended with diesel oil and has high economic benefit.
9. Biodiesel does not harm fish and has no effect on microbes. In aqueous solution, the decomposition rate of 28 days is 95%, but the decomposition rate of petrochemical diesel is only 26%.
The raw materials of biodiesel are widely used. Any animal oil (including drainage oil), vegetable oil (including soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, palm oil and oil refining process made of acidified oil) can be processed into biodiesel. In China, vegetable oil is rich in resources. Because vegetable oil is a renewable resource, the development and utilization of biodiesel to replace the increasingly depleted oil resources has broad market prospects.
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