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Where did the gutter oil go? Original biodiesel

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-08-11 14:13:10 Read: 1382 second

Only a short while ago, the word "drainage oil" from time to time to provoke a sensitive nerve of the public, brought many drainage oil, that it is a "natural enemy" of human health, many consumers are on the "oil" discoloration, drainage oil in the hearts of the people is the object of hatred. But in recent days, hundreds of buses in Shanghai have eaten "cooking oil", which is due to the technology of biodiesel extracted from waste oil as a fuel for bus operation. Drainage oil is no longer the everyone shouting "rats", to become "energy rookie", refined biodiesel green. So, what is biodiesel? What is the value of it? What is the current development?

What is biodiesel?
Biodiesel is a fatty acid mono alkyl ester obtained by transesterification of animal and vegetable fats (triglycerides) with alcohol (methanol or ethanol), according to China Energy daily. It is a renewable liquid fuel, mainly extracted from waste oil and oil crops such as gutter oil. Biodiesel has sixteen characteristics of high cetane number, low sulfur, aromatics, Wudu, non biodegradable, and can be mixed with petroleum diesel or directly replace petroleum diesel, is a typical green renewable energy.
What are the values of biodiesel?
According to the international commercial newspaper, the waste oil is turned into a treasure to produce biodiesel available for use by automobiles, with the following two main aspects:
1. The value of environmental protection. Biodiesel is of high environmental protection value. Although the automobile exhaust the use of biodiesel also contain toxic organic compounds, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and other toxic organic compounds, but the use of bio diesel vehicle emissions only to ordinary diesel vehicle emissions of 1/10, emissions of particulate matter emissions for the use of ordinary diesel cars 20%. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions of only emissions using ordinary diesel cars 10%, and biodiesel do not emit toxic substances such as lead, sulfide.
2, social value. It is of high social value to extract biodiesel from waste oil. It can effectively deal with the problem of "trench oil return to the table", and prevent waste oil from harming people's health.
What is the development of biodiesel at present?
Nanjing Agricultural University postdoctoral Jixing energy report "in" Chinese wrote the raw materials for biodiesel production including swill oil, drainage oil, frying oil, oil, oil, cattle and sheep skin Roasted Duck animal offal oil, smoke oil, acid oil, seed oil and other 14 kinds of wild trees; the production process includes conventional acid-base and lipase, supercritical method. Among them, the conventional acid and alkali method mastered by private enterprises is the mainstream production technology of biodiesel.
In addition, according to the China energy newspaper, Chen Fang, the CPPCC National Committee member and vice chairman of Sichuan provincial CPPCC, said that the technology development and production technology of biodiesel has already matured, and the number of biodiesel research in China is increasing. At present, our country has developed a variety of biodiesel comprehensive utilization technology, some scientific research into the world leading level.
Symptomatic "gutter oil"
The high efficiency and cleanliness of biodiesel is recognized by the world and has been verified by practice. From overseas experience, the development of biodiesel is mainly based on energy substitution and solving the problem of environmental pollution. Currently, the scale of biodiesel production has reached nearly 30 million tons per year, and is expected to continue to develop rapidly. In China, many experts in the industry believe that the primary significance of developing biodiesel is food safety, followed by environmental safety, and the last is energy substitution. Biodiesel is the most effective way to control "gutter oil".
In fact, in the field of food safety, waste oil has been a huge hidden danger in China. At the moment of the severe shrinking of the biodiesel market, the price of "gutter oil" is not falling. In this unusual situation, how to ensure table safety urgently needs to be paid attention to. It is generally believed that this is the most basic foothold for the development of biodiesel in China.
But at present, China's relevant laws on the development of biomass energy and industrial policy, were not mentioned problems, supervision, closed drainage oil price, and this is a serious problem to be ignored, not only caused the "underground drainage oil trading" back to the dining table, also led to a shortage of raw materials into biodiesel." Lu Bob, director of the national biodiesel industry alliance, said.
Sinopec petroleum chemical science and Engineering Institute senior engineer Lin Jianmin pointed out that "at present, in terms of production technology and product standard of biodiesel, or from the industrial policy, the development of biodiesel industry is ready. "For the policy level to promote.
However, through the successful pilot operation of Shanghai public transport, the recycling of "waste oil" has proved that "waste oil" will have a better place. Meanwhile, biodiesel will soon enter the spring, and the policy level is also gradually standardized and open. It is believed that in the near future, food safety and environmental protection can be effectively solved through this scientific approach.
With the continuous development of biodiesel technology, "waste oil" is no longer the most powerful natural enemy of human being, but rather a power source of clean, renewable and environmental protection. It not only effectively solved the problem of the reflux of the gutter oil to the table, but also the biodiesel after the transformation is an excellent environmental protection energy. But at the same time, it also needs the state's determination to continue to introduce superior policies and laws.
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