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The development of biodiesel will usher in a golden opportunity

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-08-03 14:12:02 Read: 3005 second
According to the national development and Reform Commission and other eight departments at the end of last year issued "on the fifth phase of a comprehensive supply in line with national mandatory standards for vehicle oil notice", 2017, China will launch a nationwide comprehensive supply in line with country V standard car with gasoline (including E10 ethanol), diesel (B5 containing biodiesel). Driven by this policy, the biodiesel industry is expected to usher in a golden opportunity for the development of gold.
Biodiesel is a kind of diesel substitute similar to petrochemical diesel oil, and its environmental protection effect is outstanding. The research results show that every production and use of one ton of biodiesel can reduce 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide. Therefore, in the era of "energy saving and emission reduction, green environmental protection" has become the trend of the times, the biodiesel industry has good market prospects.
Biodiesel as a substitute fuel for the new generation of diesel vehicles has been studied since 1950s, mainly in response to the lack of oil and gas at that time. Now with the improvement of people's living standard, factories and enterprises, industrial activity intensifies, exceed the standard of vehicle exhaust emissions, air pollution problems in China become more and more serious, more and more strict requirements for environment protection, the new environmental standards have been introduced, environmentally friendly biodiesel market more popular.
The reasons for accelerating the promotion of biodiesel in China are: first, in recent years, severe haze weather has occurred in many parts of China. PM2.5 is far exceeding the standard, especially in Beijing and its surrounding areas. Moreover, the haze has a trend of higher and higher frequency and more and more heavy. In October 17, 2015, WHO's International Cancer Research Institute released a report that first identified air pollution as a carcinogenic agent for human beings and regarded it as a universal and major environmental carcinogen.
Exhaust gas from diesel vehicles is an important cause of fog and haze. According to experts, the emission of motor vehicles is an important source of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in the air. The Ministry of environmental protection has tested in 9 cities, which account for 20% to 30% of the emission of pollutants. The source analysis of Beijing PM2.5 shows that the contribution of motor vehicles is generally between 10% and 50%, most of which are between 20% and 30%. Nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the proportion of motor vehicles accounted for 42% and 32% respectively. Nitrogen oxides and VOCs can not only produce photochemical reactions in the atmosphere to produce O3 (ozone), but also produce two times of nitrate and two organic aerosols, so it is an important source of PM2.5.
In diesel vehicles, the exhaust emission of heavy diesel vehicles is particularly serious. The annual report of China motor vehicle pollution prevention and control (2013) by Ministry of environmental protection shows that heavy duty diesel cars account for only 5.6% of vehicle ownership. However, their emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOX) and particulate matter (PM) account for 67.7% and 78% of vehicle emissions. That is to say, heavy diesel vehicles are the main source of NOX and PM in motor vehicles.
Experts say that adding biodiesel to diesel oil is the key to harnessing haze.
The research and practice at home and abroad have proved that biodiesel has excellent environmental protection performance. The sulfur content in biodiesel is low, so that the emission of sulfur dioxide and sulfide is low, which can be reduced by about 30% (70% when catalyst is used). Biodiesel does not contain aromatic hydrocarbons that pollute the environment, and the exhaust gas is less harmful to human body than diesel. Biodiesel has high oxygen content, which makes it less smoke when burning. The emission of carbon monoxide is reduced by about 10% compared with diesel fuel (95% when catalyst is used). Biodegradability of biodiesel is high.
The oxygen content of biodiesel is high and the combustion is sufficient, and the carbon dioxide emitted is much lower than the carbon dioxide absorbed by the plant raw materials. The sulfur content of biodiesel is low, and the emission of sulfur dioxide is less during the combustion. The harmonization of biodiesel and petrochemical diesel oil will effectively improve the environmental protection performance of the diesel engine. Therefore, biodiesel with its superior renewable and clean and safety advantages have attracted the attention of the world. The use of biodiesel to blend oil has been used by developed countries as the mainstream means of reducing emissions. Many countries have stipulated that diesel oil can not enter the market without the addition of biodiesel.
The two is that in recent years, in order to cope with the shortage of energy and the shock of oil prices, biofuels have developed rapidly around the world. Some countries and regions represented by the United States, the European Union and Brazil regard biodiesel as an important way to solve the energy problem, formulate specific development goals, and take corresponding policies and measures to actively promote the industrialization process of biodiesel.
Biodiesel is a new industry in China, showing many characteristics of the emerging industry in the early stage of industrialization. Many enterprises are attracted by business opportunities highlighted by the dual concept of green energy and supporting agriculture, and have entered the field. The biodiesel industry has entered a rapid development stage. Because of the large consumption demand in the domestic market and the rapid development of related technical level and standard system, the development potential of biodiesel industry in China is huge.
In Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei or Yunnan Guizhou Sichuan Province, the establishment of a demonstration area of bio diesel oil will be a great deal. It not only can effectively solve the haze problem of heavy truck diesel vehicle using inferior low-grade diesel fuel, but also thoroughly digested the sewer oil in the enclosed area, effectively prevents the problem of the return of the table oil to the table, and protects the table safety of the people in the capital and other regions. This can also expel low quality and inferior oil, help high standard oil products to occupy the market, and better promote environmental protection.
Because of the prominent role of biodiesel in environmental protection, many countries have introduced biodiesel compulsory blending policies, tax and subsidy policies, and vigorously develop biodiesel industry, which has made great progress.
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