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A senior engineer at the Sinopec Academy of petroleum and chemical sciences made a speech on \

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It is reported that, during the period of September 9th - 10, 2017 Chinese (TEDA) International Automobile Industry Development Forum held in Tianjin. At the scene of the event, a thematic dialogue with "energy diversification and the strategic choice of the auto industry" was started.

Lin Jianmin, a professor at the Sinopec Institute for petroleum and chemical science, introduced the recent development of biodiesel in EU countries. Since 2011, production has decreased, and the production of biodiesel in Germany and France has changed little, and other countries are growing fast.
Lin Jianmin said that low proportions of Biodiesel Blended fuel fully meet the diesel specifications. Beijing environmental protection bureau organizes the public transport company to try out, but it has not been formally used.
In addition, he also introduced the dilemma of biodiesel in China in recent years: the production of a large number of enterprises fell, the remaining difficult; products to enter the domestic refined oil market, widely used in low-end fuel; exports to the EU can solve part of the production capacity, but it is not a permanent solution; the national standard of biodiesel is recommended national standard etc..
The following are the speeches:
Good morning, I'm glad to take this opportunity to give you a brief introduction to our country's latest national standards for biodiesel and our reflection in the process of application. I would like to introduce two points: our latest biodiesel national standards, and the problems occurred in the application of biodiesel in China for more than a decade, reflecting on these problems. We all know that biodiesel has various benefits, but the biggest advantage is that the waste oil can be returned to the table to ensure food safety. If this is done, it is the greatest contribution. Of course, it is also beneficial to reduce the emission of particles.
Let's look at the situation of biodiesel abroad. The US has reached 7 million tons in 2015. Now it is estimated to be around 10 million tons, so their development is very fast. What they are concerned about in the car industry is that biodiesel can be safely used in the car. Including OEM, ACEA and so on, it has been doing this for so many years to ensure that it is safe to use in vehicles. And in 2016, from the support of biodiesel, their different vehicle types in 2016 were also guaranteed to apply B100, B5, B20 and biodiesel compounds to their respective vehicles.
But what are we going to do back home? We all know the problem of external dependence on oil, and the problem of haze. The biggest problem may be the problem of returning the waste oil to the table. This biodiesel can be solved. Therefore, to achieve this standard, our domestic production technology should be the world's leading.
But in fact, if we take the waste oil, someone has found that 3 million tons of waste oil has been returned to the table every year. Everyone here may have 10% chance to eat the waste oil. I recently learned from the Beijing Municipal Environmental Association that, for example, there are thousands of tons of gutter oil produced every day in Beijing. Because there are about 7 000 food hygiene licenses in Beijing, they may produce waste oil, but there are only a few cars to recycle the waste oil, so the fate of Beijing's waste oil is also doubtful.
It's also full of news on the website, eating animals first, and then flowing back to the table by their way. In 2015, our production of biodiesel was only 800000 tons, not as good as Argentina, and he had reached 1900000 tons in 2010. It may still be more than us by the year 2017. What are we? In 2015, 800 thousand tons, 2016, and 2017 are less than that of this 800 thousand tons.
Where do we produce this biodiesel in our country? Now biodiesel has several hundred, and it is very difficult to survive in recent years. Their products are hard to enter the cost oil market, so the cost is very pressure for them. According to the economic laws, or the maximization of the benefits, the gutter oil back to the table should be a way of maximizing the region. So many of our domestic diesel producers are selling products to the European Union, which have been used for hundreds of thousands of tons in the European Union in the past few years.
Is the standard lagging, lagging and limiting the application of biodiesel in our country? Look again, the standard of biodiesel is divided into two categories. One is called BD100, and now we have several revisions used in 2015. Or the real use is to mix with real diesel. Now we use the 2015 edition of the standard, so some people say that biodiesel is recommended because the standard is limited, so the state has made great efforts in this regard.
This time, I would like to introduce the latest standard of biodiesel, which is now mandatory. This standard has passed. Recently, the National Standard Committee has issued this standard in a grand way.
The new standard revised the original B5 or BD100 standard according to the unified requirements of the National Standard Committee. Now it is revised to a standard, and the name is also changed to B5 diesel. Now the B5 diesel standard, including the standard for B5 diesel vehicles, should be the same as the latest domestic standards. It includes the 6 stage emission standard of the country, the original biodiesel standard and the national standard 20828 recommended standard as the mandatory standard appendix, the content is also mandatory. The level of these two standards can be said to be in line with the advanced standards of Gome and to a certain level.
This is a brief introduction to the 6 phase of the country. The same standard in Europe and the United States should be at the same level, and car users can rest assured of this standard.
The last point I'm going to go with
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