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The spring of ethanol gasoline has come. Will the spring of biodiesel be far away?

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-09-15 14:11:26 Read: 2274 second
As the topic of environmental protection is becoming more and more hot, traditional energy has become one of the main objects of environmental protection. Recently, the oil industry followed the policy, the masses will develop Chinese lock up fuel vehicle schedule "hot cool slightly, and in September 13th, fifteen ministries jointly issued" on the implementation of expanding scheme of bio fuel ethanol production and promote the use of ethanol gasoline for motor vehicles "(hereinafter referred to as the" plan "), wide attention once again led the market.
According to the plan, by 2020, the full coverage of automotive ethanol gasoline will be basically achieved throughout the country. By 2025, we will strive to achieve large-scale production of cellulosic ethanol, and the advanced bio liquid fuel technology, equipment and industry will reach the international leading level as a whole and form a more perfect market operation mechanism.
This provision, sparked heated debate all walks of life, which shows that this scheme, countries have begun to embark on the full implementation of clean energy road, with the recent national leaders on environmental protection and construction of ecological civilization is more and more attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, green development and other topics are mentioned constantly, became the focus of public attention.
Therefore, the development and utilization of new energy will be particularly important in the road of green development. So, the spring of ethanol gasoline has come, and will the spring of biodiesel be far away?
Biodiesel as a new energy fuel in the energy market has gradually awakened, at present our country for biodiesel policy and market promotion although there is no clear increase of mandatory requirements, supervision and regulations but, as a clean energy like biodiesel ethanol gasoline today, will be in the next few years to promote, in recent years. All regions have conducted a pilot run of biodiesel, feedback with satisfactory results, some developed countries to use biodiesel has been widely and issued a series of mandatory policies, these measures can, is the only way which must be passed to achieve energy-saving emission reduction, improve the ecological environment, to solve the energy crisis and food security.
The ethanol gasoline, mentioned earlier, means adding 10% of the biofuel ethanol to the gasoline. Even adding 10% of biofuel ethanol to gasoline, compared with the five gasoline 92, the emission of ethanol gasoline (E10) emissions: CO decreased by 1.8%, HC decreased by 12.9%, CO2 decreased by 2.4%. The addition of these amounts is also quite optimistic for the reduction of emissions.
As everyone knows, the car, the exhaust emissions of large diesel vehicles and heavy trucks on the air pollution is more serious, although heavy diesel vehicles accounted for only 5.6% of car ownership, but the nitrogen oxide (NOX) and particulate matter (PM) emissions accounted for total vehicle emissions of 67.7% and 78%, that is to say, heavy duty diesel engine the car in a vehicle, is a major source of emissions of NOX and PM. Therefore, the promotion of biodiesel is an important way to effectively solve and reduce the pollution of diesel vehicle tail gas.
At present, the pure hydrocarbon biodiesel energy Shenzhen Talim limited production by the Sinopec testing center, can completely replace petroleum diesel, the core indicators are better than China VI diesel standards, and has the following characteristics:
1 and 100% petrochemical diesel oil
2. 100% direct use of diesel engine
3, freezing point and cold filter plugging point can reach -13 degrees
4. No pollution, no carcinogen, no PM2.5, no heavy metal, zero emission after combustion.
5. The core index is superior to the national VI diesel standard
6. The effective storage time is up to 5 years (the effective storage time of petrochemical diesel is 90 days).
The value of 7 and sixteen alkanes is up to 65.1
Compared with the ethanol gasoline, the advantages of biodiesel are more prominent. Compared with the common petrochemical diesel oil, it is more effective to reduce the emission of exhaust pollutants. At present, ethanol gasoline has to be fully implemented, and it is believed that in the near future, the overall promotion of biodiesel will also be opened.
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