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Experts suggest that a closed application and demonstration area be established as soon as possible to solve the problem of biodiesel industry

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-10-11 14:11:11 Read: 1997 second
China is a country rich in coal, less oil and gas. The development of bio liquid fuel will not only promote the diversification of energy structure, but also promote the utilization of clean energy and improve the environment. Among them, biodiesel is given high expectations.
The main material of biodiesel in China is the waste cooking oil such as "gutter oil", which is of great significance to the people's livelihood. However, biodiesel has been developing for 10 years in China, but it is still unable to enter the circulation field, and the industry is in a difficult position.
Recently, the fifteen departments of the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "implementation plan of expanding the production of biofuel ethanol and promoting the use of vehicle ethanol gasoline", clearly promoting the use of vehicle ethanol gasoline nationwide, and basically achieving full coverage in 2020.
A stone stirs up a thousand layers of waves. According to the insiders, the state should refer to the practice of promoting ethanol gasoline, and introduce biodiesel mandatory addition policy as soon as possible, so as to achieve the popularization and application of biodiesel in petrochemical gasoline. ,
At the same time, we should establish a closed application demonstration area for biodiesel industry as soon as possible, so as to achieve the purpose of "waste oil utilization", blending refinery links, and biodiesel to add seamless sales in closed areas, so as to achieve the goal of multi purpose of food safety and emission reduction and haze reduction. Lu Bob, director of the National Biotechnology Innovation Strategic Alliance of the national biodiesel industry, said.
Significance: to ensure "safety on the tip of the tongue" to solve "respiratory pain"
Biodiesel is to "drainage oil" and other waste oil and oil crops as raw materials for the production of renewable liquid fuel, with sixteen high octane, non-toxic, low sulfur, characteristics of degradation and non aromatic hydrocarbons, can be mixed with diesel or direct replacement, is typical of green renewable energy.
At present, the raw material of biodiesel in China is mainly the recycling of waste cooking oil such as "gutter oil", which is of great significance to the people's livelihood.
First of all, the promotion and use of biodiesel can solve the problem of "gutter oil" to return to the table to ensure "safety on the tip of the tongue".
"Drainage oil" contained in the main harmful substances of aflatoxin is known as a strong carcinogenic substance, its toxicity is 100 times of arsenic. "Drainage oil" another kind of "swill oil" contains benzene propylene ratio, is a highly toxic carcinogen. However, after "washing, distillation, decolorization and deodorization" and other processes, it is difficult to distinguish the "waste oil" or the blending edible oil.
Sinopec Federation Ministry of Industry Industrial Development Research Director Zhu Jianjun said, biodiesel can be mixed with petroleum diesel in any proportion, you can achieve the "drainage oil" and other centralized and large-scale use of waste oil, put an end to "drainage oil" to return to the table, and the "turning waste into treasure the best choice".
"The 'gutter oil' must be used on the body rather than on the human body." Lu Bob, director of the National Biotechnology Innovation Strategic Alliance of the national biodiesel industry, said.
Secondly, the promotion and use of biodiesel can solve the problem of diesel vehicle emission pollution.
According to the Ministry of environmental protection "China vehicle pollution control report (2015)", "emission of diesel vehicles is a major source of pollutants such as PM2.5, although diesel vehicles accounted for only 14.1% of car ownership, but the nitrogen oxide (NOX) and particulate matter (PM) emissions accounted for total vehicle emissions by 69.2% and 99% above. Therefore, it is also urgent to solve or reduce the pollution problem of diesel vehicle emission.
Compared to diesel and petrochemical, automobile exhaust using biodiesel in toxic organic pollutants emissions of only 10% of ordinary diesel, for ordinary diesel particulate matter 20%, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions of only 10% fossil diesel, and no toxic emissions of lead sulfide, etc..
At the same time, biodiesel does not contain any aromatic compounds which pollute the environment. The damage of combustion tail gas to human body is lower than that of petro diesel. Its biodegradability is as high as 98%, and its degradation rate is 2 times that of ordinary diesel. It can greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by accidental leakage.
Therefore, the combination of biodiesel and petrochemical diesel to make vehicle fuel can solve the problem of "trench oil" returning to the table, and also help reduce emissions and haze.
Predicament: the door close to the sales market is close to the high cost of the "gutter oil"
As a bio liquid fuel, biodiesel had been given great expectations of potential, the development in recent years is not good. From the initial large amount of capital injection, the industry has developed rapidly. At present, most enterprises are in the state of stopping production or halting production, or even bankrupt.
According to LBO, restricting the development of biodiesel industry in China is mainly about technology, but the cost of "waste oil" and whether it can promote the application of large scale distribution channels with the help of "two barrels of oil".
At the beginning of 2014, private biodiesel production enterprises -- Yunnan Ying Ding bio energy Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Yunnan Ying Ding) Yizhisuzhuangjiang Sinopec and Sinopec Sales Branch in Yunnan court, the cause is the refusal to deal with the former" drainage oil biodiesel production, reflects China's biodiesel market in trouble.
Lu Bo believes that at present, China's refined oil market is mainly in the petrochemical, oil, they have yet to accept the position of biodiesel, the market awareness of biodiesel is relatively low, most of the biodiesel business can only be transferred to the chemical production direction, chemical products to survive.
Li Dingjie, director of the Industrial Development Department of Sinopec Federation, said that oil prices were running at a low level for a long time. Oil sales companies were struggling to cope with the impact of the inferior oil market, and it was not easy to keep their market share of petrochemical oil. In this case
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