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The popularization of biodiesel should be based on scientific and objective evaluation

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-10-20 14:10:47 Read: 1235 second
At present, biodiesel is misunderstood in the aspects of quality, production technology, application and industrial policy, and it is difficult to be further promoted. The author believes that it is necessary to make a scientific explanation to make the biodiesel industry step into the track of development as soon as possible.
Scientific interpretation to eliminate misunderstandings
In current views, the quality of biodiesel is complex and diverse and the process is not the same, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality of biodiesel. As with ordinary diesel blending biodiesel in water tank is easy to emulsion, emulsified and easy to microbial breeding, not only leads to bad smell, it will significantly damage filter and fuel pump of the engine; the low-temperature fluidity of biodiesel and mineral oil than the poor, low temperature when in use and easy to cause the oil filter clogging; as well as the storage stability of biodiesel, after a certain time, the quality of the products will change, difficult to manage etc..
The author has different views on the above views. Biodiesel is a fatty acid mono alkyl ester obtained from Transesterification of animal and vegetable fat (triglyceride) with alcohol (methanol or ethanol), and the most typical is fatty acid methyl ester. The production of raw materials including swill oil, drainage oil, frying oil, oil, oil, cattle and sheep skin Roasted Duck animal offal oil, smoke oil, acid oil, seed oil and other 14 kinds of wild trees; the production process including acid-base method, lipase, supercritical conventional method, the quality of the products on the basis of "diesel fuel with biodiesel blend (BD100)" (GB/T 20828-2015) (hereinafter referred to as the national standard, BD100 standard).
It is worth mentioning that the army weapons and equipment procurement information network in April published "2017 equipment development innovation project guide", a "naval aircraft fuel system innovation -30209010809 special environmental microbial detection, prevention and control methods, for is in high temperature, high salt, high humidity environment, aircraft fuel system microorganism is easy to breed, microbial prevention, detection, prevention and control method for naval aircraft. We should know that the fuel used by naval aircraft is hydrocarbon substances, that is to say, hydrocarbon species are also prone to breed microorganisms in high temperature, high humidity and high salinity environment, so there is no necessary connection between the microbial fuel system and biodiesel.
The so-called "low temperature flow of biodiesel is worse than mineral oil", in fact, in 2002, when only zero biodiesel was zero. Nowadays, biodiesel has been greatly improved, and the understanding of it should be updated in a timely manner. In fact, the current BD100 standard also provides only a cold filter point labeling of biodiesel, and Hebei Longhai, Guangdong Gaoqi Energy Engineering Research Institute, Beijing city of Fuding and the University of petroleum and bio diesel laboratory units have jointly developed -30 point and -40 degree, -50 degree of biodiesel. In accordance with the five standard diesel oil system has been established, independent and complete. In addition, to know the colloid and mechanical impurities, moisture will cause filter and fuel pump is blocked, the country five diesel sulfur reduction leads to poor lubrication, easy to wear in the fuel pump and fuel injector, other metal salts added in the reaction in diesel oil fatty acids and antiwear agent in diesel oil will precipitate clogging burning oil pump and nozzle. The fatty acids contained in biodiesel are easy to react with the galvanized metal of the tank and the pipeline, and may also cause a blockage of the filter and the fuel pump. But in the absence of a clear cause, it is ascribed and unscientific to biodiesel.
In addition, the BD100 standard has a clear regulation on the stability of biodiesel, that is, oxidation stability, and the biodiesel can meet the standard requirement after adding antioxidant. And from the production practice of several major biodiesel producers, there has been no storage metamorphism, or the deterioration of biodiesel and petrochemical diesel oil.
There is no "bad currency"
At present, China has established a series of bio diesel fuel to reconcile the national or local standards, such as the national standard of biodiesel Biodiesel Blended Fuel BD100, "(B5)" (GB 25199-2015), Yunnan province has developed a local standard B10 and B20 standard, and the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and quarantine for the record. Hainan and Sichuan have also formulated relevant normative documents. At present, the biodiesel in the market has been tested by the corresponding quality.
From the price, biodiesel itself than conventional diesel prices low, in 2008, the author had proposed to the national development and Reform Commission, hope the same price of biodiesel and diesel and biodiesel to change the long-term low price than fossil diesel, bio diesel and enterprises with powerful force of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises price negotiation situation. But it has not been adopted. In fact, now the biodiesel price per ton than fossil diesel low 400 - 600 yuan, and because of good quality and have been exported to many countries, such as Hebei Longhai, Henan Asia Pacific exports to Sweden's export to South Korea, Chongqing baosrun biodiesel exports to South Korea; Hebei, South River gold Lihai, Hebei Fu too wide have established their own bio diesel gas station, good sales. Of course, there are also local areas where the price of waste oil is out of control, and the price of biodiesel is higher than that of common diesel because of the low standard diesel impacting five standard diesel.
At present, the competition between the standard vehicle diesel and the so-called "bad currency expelling good money" has nothing to do with biodiesel. By the end of 2016, the eight ministries and commissions jointly issued the announcement on the national comprehensive supply in line with the fifth stage mandatory vehicle fuel standard (hereinafter referred to as the announcement), which has clearly promoted the promotion of V diesel and B5 diesel.
A pleasant surprise


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