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The nineteen major reports point out the policy of speeding up the reform of the ecological civilization system and building a beautiful China

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-10-31 14:10:30 Read: 1337 second
Yesterday (October 18th), the nineteenth National People's Congress of the Communist Party of China was opened in Beijing. Xi Jinping, general secretary general, on behalf of the eighteenth Central Committee made a report to the conference, pointing out:
We should promote green development. We should speed up the establishment of the legal system and policy guidance for the establishment of green production and consumption, and establish a sound economic system for the development of green low-carbon cycle. We should build a market oriented green technology innovation system, develop green finance, strengthen the energy saving and environmental protection industry, clean production industry and clean energy industry.
We will promote the energy production and consumption revolution, and build a clean, low carbon, safe and efficient energy system. We should promote comprehensive conservation and recycling of resources, implement national water saving action, reduce energy consumption and material consumption, and realize circulation links of production systems and living systems. We advocate a modest, green and low-carbon lifestyle, oppose extravagance, waste and unreasonable consumption, and develop conservation oriented institutions, green families, green schools, green communities and green travel.
The promotion of green clean energy is an important development direction and target in China and the world in the future. Food safety, energy crisis and environmental protection are all related to the survival and development of human beings. Only from the root of the root and seeking breakthroughs and challenges can we effectively solve the problems that mankind will face.
Terry energy in the green clean energy, bio diesel has been optimized for many years, the team began to gather experts and scholars in various fields from 2005. After continuous research and breakthrough, green clean energy is developed successfully: pure hydrocarbon biodiesel. It has accumulated rich experience in biodiesel technology, and has a number of Frontier patents in technical research and technical reserve. It has made important contributions to the security of food, the solution of the energy crisis and the improvement of the ecological environment.
Why do pure hydrocarbon biodiesel make an important contribution to these three aspects? Let's talk about it in detail.
Ensure food safety. At the present stage, the phenomenon of the reflux table of the gutter oil is forbidden. Although the country authorities crackdown thorough investigation but there is still a lot, "Zoupian Jian Feng, criminals commit crimes against the wind" in the underground drainage oil trading. Therefore, only by speeding up biodiesel enterprise construction; establish mandatory control regulations; to crack down on underground transactions; strengthening drainage oil recovery work, "drainage oil" into biodiesel is the effective way to solve the problem of drainage oil back to the table, in order to improve food safety and protect the people.
Solve the energy crisis. As is known to all, oil is the most serious energy for human exploitation and dependence, the blood of industry. And oil as a non renewable resource will end up. The consciousness of energy crisis has been formed for a long time. At present, the development and research of new energy sources have been greatly invested, and the development of green energy, such as wind energy and solar energy, is hot. Biodiesel as a new green energy will also be the focus of development. Biodiesel is renewable energy, and its raw materials are widely distributed: all kinds of animal and plant waste oil, waste oil and oilseed crops can be processed into biodiesel. Therefore, in the effective solution of the energy crisis, biodiesel will make a great contribution and become an essential energy product in the future.
(3) improving the ecological environment. Environmental issues are a topic of great concern both at home and abroad. From the eighteen to the nineteen largest party held today, the general secretary Xi Jinping constantly stressed the need to accelerate the reform of ecological civilization, build a beautiful China; gold and silver, but also beautiful scenery. From the eighteen proposed the construction of ecological civilization, "five in one" strategic layout for five years in China has made great efforts to improve the ecological environment, the effect is very significant. But it can not be relaxed, haze and tail gas pollution have not been thoroughly solved. To improve air pollution, we must reduce emissions of exhaust gas and exhaust pollutants, especially heavy duty diesel vehicles. To solve these problems, we must seek breakthroughs at the root. Compared with conventional diesel oil, pure hydrocarbon biodiesel has obvious advantages in energy saving and emission reduction.
The characteristics of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel Terry energy production have: 100% diesel components; 100% diesel engine can be used directly; freezing point and cold filter plugging point can reach above -13 degree; use of no pollution, no carcinogens, no PM2.5, no heavy metals, after burning zero emissions; the core indicators are better than the national standard diesel VI the effective storage time of up to 5 years; (diesel the effective storage time of 90 days); sixteen octane number up to 65.1.
The production process is to achieve a fully automated Terry energy, no waste gas and waste water discharge, no noise pollution, fully comply with the provisions of the State Environmental protection. The technological process is short, and the catalytic efficiency of the product is high. Animal and vegetable fats and oils overall conversion rate of more than 95% abandoned, pure hydrocarbon biodiesel Talim energy production, and petrochemical diesel in any proportion of mixed use, also can be used alone, its performance and emission standards fully meet the requirements of international environmental protection. The use of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel to replace ordinary diesel oil on all kinds of large diesel engines will effectively improve the environment and reduce the emission of exhaust pollutants.
Pure hydrocarbon biodiesel will be the leading product of green and clean energy in the future. It will also contribute to building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system for China to promote energy production and consumption revolution. At the same time, Terry energy will also continue to the nineteen important thought of adhering to and carry out the party, is committed to promoting green development, the scale of the construction of the clean energy industry.
With the extensive use of new energy and constantly promote the attention, believe that Terry energy in the near future, growing
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