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Biodiesel is formally promoted to the society, and gas stations are open to supply

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-11-08 14:10:10 Read: 1475 second
In October 30th, biodiesel from "waste oil" was officially opened to the public. Two Sinopec gas stations in Shanghai opened up B5 biodiesel, the price of 5.72 yuan per liter, which was 0.3 yuan cheaper than that of diesel oil. The social vehicles drink the gutter oil not only to make the ditch oil waste, but also to open up the sales channel, effectively avoid the gutter oil back to the table.
According to related reports, diesel engine uses biodiesel, the power is basically the same as that of common diesel, and the throttle feels a lot easier, which indicates that biodiesel is more fully burned. Diesel vehicle emissions of black smoke is also significantly reduced, reduce heavy metals and fine particulate pollution emissions relative to ordinary diesel 10%, nitrogen oxide purifying efficiency is more than 80%, to improve the environment and reduce air pollution can play a significant role, which benefited from the bio diesel clean and environmental protection.
The price of biodiesel is 0.3 yuan cheaper than the ordinary diesel oil per liter. On average, the cost of oil consumption per day can be saved by 10 yuan. For some large transport companies or transportation companies, the use of biodiesel will save a considerable amount of transportation costs.
Zheng Shusong, Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Food Safety Commission, stressed that biodiesel is also about to be opened to social vehicles. The formal promotion of biodiesel will be an important step in the opening of the market for biodiesel. It is believed that in the near future, Shanghai, as a starting station, will be promoted to the whole country. At this point, biodiesel will also usher in the golden period of development.
Biodiesel, as a green and clean energy source, has been the focus of attention both inside and outside the industry. The successful promotion will give the majority of biodiesel manufacturers strong confidence that it will make unwavering production and R & D of clean energy and guide a new energy revolution.
Terry energy as biodiesel industry leader, will also speed up the development as soon as possible for the society, provide pure hydrocarbon biodiesel more green cleaning for the whole world!
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