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Eight Department announcement: from November 1st, the whole country stopped selling ordinary diesel oil with sulfur content more than 10ppm

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-11-03 14:09:49 Read: 1234 second
The national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of environmental protection department released the latest announcement, to promote the quality of refined oil to accelerate the upgrade, improve air quality, from November 1st onwards, the overall supply of ordinary diesel sulfur content not greater than 10ppm at the same time, stop the sulfur content in the domestic sales of more than 10ppm of ordinary diesel oil. According to the announcement, Beijing, Tianjin and its surrounding areas, "2+26" city, is in accordance with the relevant requirements of "notification of the relevant work of" six standard oil products in advance "provided by the" 2+26 "city.
The so-called "2+26" urban areas, including Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Henan and other 26 cities. In February this year, the environmental protection department and other 4 departments issued "Tianjin and surrounding areas in 2017 atmospheric pollution prevention work program" requirements, "2+26" in the city before the end of September this year all the supply in line with national standards of six cars with gasoline and diesel.
The announcement requires that gas stations (points) clearly mark the names, grades and grades of the diesel products sold according to the relevant regulations and standards, and distinguish between vehicle diesel and ordinary diesel (such as: Vehicle No. 0, diesel oil (V), 0 ordinary diesel oil).
The announcement points out that ordinary diesel is suitable for tractors, diesel locomotives, engineering machinery, inland ships and generator sets. It is prohibited to sell fuel for ordinary diesel and other non motor vehicles to automobiles and motorcycles. The relevant functional departments to strengthen national and local oil products quality supervision and inspection, increase the focus on the refinery, the combination of urban and rural area gas station (point) supervision, severely punished the production and sale of substandard products, illegal production and sale of oil and other illegal acts.
The implementation of the six national standard in the "2+26" urban area has only been in the past nine months since the national promotion of five oil products. The upgrading speed and intensity of this kind of oil is the first time in Chinese history, and is also unique in the world.
The country's six standard is one of the most stringent emission standards in the world. In December 2016, the state issued "limits and measurement methods for emissions of pollutants from light-duty vehicles limit (China phase sixth)" requirement, since January 1, 2019, light vehicle sales and all registration shall be in accordance with the six a limit requirements; since January 1, 2023, all light vehicle sales and registration shall be in accordance with the six B limit value.
It can be seen that the implementation date of the oil standard precedes the discharge standard, and the time limit is more strict. Compared with the national standard of vehicle gasoline and diesel, the national six vehicle gasoline and diesel standards meet the European Union's current vehicle oil standard level, and some indicators exceed the EU standard.
Since 1999, China has completed the upgrading of gasoline from unleaded gasoline to national v. But with the longer interval between oil products upgrading in developed countries, the upgrading rate of China's oil products accelerated significantly after 2005. In just 12 years, the upgrading of oil products from 2-5 generation to four generation was completed.
PetroChina said, in order to complete the five countries to the overall conversion in six, early in 2013 and 2014, in the relevant regional supply refinery equipment ahead of the layout, at the same time in the national policy announcement, other regional refineries also announced that the subsequent investment, ensure the country six capacity to keep up with demand.
Sulfur in diesel can cause poisoning of vehicle exhaust emission treatment system, thereby greatly reducing the conversion efficiency of harmful gases, causing excessive emissions and seriously affecting the environment. At the same time, sulfur will increase the emission of diesel engine particles, which is unfavorable to human health. The most important change in the national V standard is the reduction of sulfur content from 50ppm to 10ppm.
As far as the standards are defined at present, the standard of diesel fuel for vehicle diesel four is not more than 50ppm, and the sulfur content of the national V standard is below 10ppm. It also means that from November 1st, the national IV standard will be withdrawn from the historical stage and will be sold out in an all-round way.
Just near the full implementation of the country V standard but also in the next few years will be replaced by the six national standards, the speed can be described as so that a large number of energy companies and car enterprises "miserable" will give the domestic oil refining industry and automobile manufacturing technology and equipment put forward higher requirements, business investment will further increase.
But now in front of bio diesel technology has been walking in the national standard, is pure hydrocarbon biodiesel Terry energy, the core index were better than the national standard V, let's take a set of real data comparison:
Comparison of above pure hydrocarbon biodiesel and standard in five Terry energy, from the table of data can be seen, the core index of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel are better than the national V standards, including sulfur content (pure hydrocarbon bio diesel is only 8.3ppm).
Even the above table is the main quality index of China six standard: PAHs content (mass fraction) is no more than 7%, pure hydrocarbon biodiesel is only 1%. In a comprehensive comparison, the core indexes of the pure hydrocarbon biodiesel are better than the national V, even the country six. This will explain that biodiesel will not only be affected by the new regulations, but will be favored by all industries.
Under the increasingly stringent national standards and more emphasis on environmental issues, the quality control of oil products will only become more and more strict, and the requirements of the state are getting higher and higher. The survival of the fittest, the survival of the fittest, is the eternal existence of the survival. Only keep the high speed of continuous innovation and development, walk in the front-end of the industry, will not be eliminated.
Terry energy groundless talk through a difficult twelve years of research and development, from the first generation of bio diesel technology to present pure hydrocarbon bio diesel technology. It has always been in the leading position in the industry. This is not only a race with the same industry, but also a race with national standards. Whether it is the time of the six standard of the country or how fast the new rules change, pure hydrocarbon organisms
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