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The first biological fuel China transoceanic flights sail

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-11-22 14:06:07 Read: 1604 second

In November 21, 2017, Hainan Airlines flight HU497 carrying from waste cooking oil (drainage oil refining) and biological fuel, and take off from Beijing Capital International Airport flight to the United States of Chicago, marking the first Sino US green demonstration flight routes of biological fuel sail, Hainan Airlines became the first domestic use of bio jet fuel transatlantic Airlines passenger flight.

On the same day, Hainan airlines to join the Sinopec, in Beijing Capital International Airport terminal T2 Boeing, China Cao cooperation jointly held the theme of "the new era dream Lvhang, create a sustainable new experience" set sail ceremony.
The ceremony, Sinopec and the relevant departments responsible person said in an interview, the flight of bio fuel use by Sinopec under the Zhenhai Refining and chemical company production from waste cooking oil (commonly known as the "drainage oil") as raw materials, and with the ratio of 15:85 and conventional coal blending into the air.
It is reported that by the end of 2016, China and the United States signed a memorandum of cooperation on green route projects, and actively participated in global climate governance, showing the two countries' determination and efforts in the development of green aviation. The two sides held many seminars on the Sino US green route projects this year, and confirmed that the Beijing Airlines Chicago airlines, which is flying by Hainan airlines, is one of the Sino US green demonstration routes.

Bioaviation as an important tool for energy saving and carbon reduction in China's civil aviation industry, the commercialized flight of domestic bio coal will help create green aviation and demonstrate the effectiveness of China's green civil aviation construction. Hainan Airlines used the Boeing 737 model in March 21, 2015 to use domestic biological aviation coal for the first time in China.
Under the strong support of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Hainan aviation has once again responded to the national call to create a model for cooperation between China and the United States. The core backbone of the working group, hand in hand with a number of enterprises, actively carry out biological aviation coal flight passenger flight, to create China's first international trans ocean sustainable flight.
With the continuous development of social economy, environmental problems and climate change have become important topics in the world. Insisting on green low-carbon development has become an inevitable choice for today's development. To actively implement the spirit of the "big nineteen" and "13th Five-Year" plan to promote low-carbon transport development, in response to the call of the national ecological civilization construction, Hainan airlines and United Technologies Company in 2016 to launch the "Green Aviation Network Initiative" (Green Aviation Initiatives & Networks, GAIN).
The use of domestic coal as a biological Airlines passenger flight GAIN sustainable route pilot project, a full range of energy-saving carbon reduction fine control of Hainan airlines, air operation, running from the ground plane thin, the concept of sustainable development and awareness in every link of the whole journey; establish the analysis model, carried out after the project implementation effect analysis and contrast, can be copied, can promote the accumulation of valuable experience for China Green route.
Sun Jianfeng, President of Hainan airlines, said that Hainan Airlines is not the first attempt to eat crabs, but the first to benefit from green energy benefits.
According to reports, 1 tons of petroleum based fuel 3.2 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, the annual coal consumption of air current in China is about 30 million tons, if all the alternatives to bio jet fuel, bio jet fuel at least 30% emissions per ton, a year of carbon dioxide emissions of about 33 million tons, equivalent to planting nearly 300 million, nearly 20 million units of economic type the car stopped a year.
Deputy director of the civil aviation authority China Jiyuan planning department said bio jet fuel is an important direction of the development of global aviation fuel. "We think that the biofuel measure is a very potential measure. The use of biofuel technology may be a fundamental solution to air reduction and control of greenhouse gas emissions. Today, the first Chinese and American demonstration green route to use biofuel is a very meaningful attempt.
Adhering to the sustainable green energy development has become the global development trend and the main goal. As a big energy consuming country and a large population country, China attaches great importance to the sustainable development of energy and the construction of ecological civilization. From the party's "Eighteen" to the "nineteen major", the green development has always been mentioned, and the goal of building green China is being constantly carried out.
From the beginning of November to B5 bio diesel supply to the current social official promotion, the successful launch of bio fuel, green development, clean energy has also in many areas of practice, green energy in the future will become the main energy and transportation industry. With the increasing awareness of the global energy crisis, the search for more clean and environmentally friendly oil substitutes has become the most important development of the energy industry.
With technological innovation, the waste oil refining bio fuel technology is becoming more and more mature. Nowadays, all kinds of bio energy have been widely promoted in various transportation fields. Clean and environmentally friendly bio energy will also gradually move from behind the scenes to the forefront of the energy industry.

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