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The \"diesel shortage\" came, the oil transportation train was stopped for three days

author:管理员 Publication time:2017-12-28 14:05:41 Read: 1222 second
Since this year, the price of diesel in our country has been rising continuously. After November, the diesel market has appeared the situation of tension in the supply of goods. In some areas, a special train to transport diesel will have to wait for several days before it can be pulled into the source.
Shandong to refining the country six diesel supply, Shandong Qingyuan Petrochemical special railway lines, there is a list of special transport China 6 Diesel train, due to tight supply of diesel, the train has been waiting for more than three days, this is very rare.
Shandong Qingyuan Petrochemical railway transportation is responsible for Wang Cheng: the original production volume of diesel, wagon to less, now more than a car, diesel production is relatively tight, so it has been in.
Qingyuan Shandong Petrochemical is among six local refineries / country / diesel production capability is the strongest, the main customers in North China logistics and industrial and mining enterprises, the current tight supply situation, from November to the beginning of the northern winter, in addition to train transport trucks, also appeared in the same situation, the refinery gate pull diesel trucks are lined up.
The truck driver said that he had been waiting for about a day. The refinery staff in a local area of Shandong told reporters that they had been nervous since three weeks ago, and the cars were waiting in this line every day.
The reservoir in Shandong Longkou port, processing of raw materials in winter with low pour point diesel light cycle oil supply, has been close to zero inventory.
Shandong Longkou Port reservoir staff: basically the ship has not yet arrived, the goods have been finished, has not been in stock.
According to the staff, light cycle oil is commonly used to reduce diesel pour point, since September this year, the price to 4900 yuan from 4100 yuan per ton rose.
The direct result of the shortage of diesel oil supply is the rising price of diesel. Since July this year, the domestic diesel retail price has been raised by 930 yuan per ton, and the price of No. 0 diesel is rising at 0.79 yuan / liter. At the same time, the wholesale price of diesel oil is also rising, which has brought no small pressure to the downstream gas stations and the logistics industry.
In a trading hall of refined oil in Dongying, Shandong, the wholesale price of state 5 diesel has risen to 6900 yuan per ton, while in May, the price was only 5 thousand yuan per ton, and the increase has already surpassed 40%, which is also the highest point this year.
Why is the supply of diesel supplies in short supply?
First of all, the environmental protection problem, a large number of small refineries, which have not reached the standard, have stopped working directly. The second reason is that only a few refineries are able to produce six standard finished diesel oil, which has led to the market tension. The third reason is a winter heating and staggering production, resulting in some refinery downtime.
Over the years, the low winter temperatures in northern areas, need to replace the diesel with low pour point, usually in November to change before and after the period, the relationship between supply and demand will be a short period of adjustment. But this year, the upgrades of six diesel in 28 cities in the north and the limited production of environmental protection in local refineries have intensified the situation of supply tension.
Shanghai Bailian commodity chemical energy department director Ding Qiaosong: the season usually normal seasonal changes will have. After all, the north is related to the six countries and six of the country, and the supply is much more scarce on the production capacity. 5, at present, it can only be called "tight shortage", which can not be called shortage. Six of the country's diesel is definitely missing.
At present, diesel supply mainly due to strict environmental protection requirements and standards in six could lead to production standards of the refinery is still a minority, this is a great test of diesel oil refinery, due to shortage of diesel prices also makes the consumer and the underlying sales agency interests affected.
Not long ago, the B5 biodiesel was officially promoted. The price is not only cheaper than ordinary diesel, but also has better environmental and power performance than conventional diesel, and market feedback is also popular. If biodiesel companies can keep up with production capacity, it is believed that the problems mentioned above are effectively alleviated. Bio diesel pour point than diesel low, environmental protection and emission standards are better than fossil diesel. Therefore, it is believed that after the implementation of the scale of biodiesel, the market sales space will be very wide.
Terry energy is also being stepped up to the factory building, is expected to achieve mass production of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel in July next year, and strive as soon as possible for the community to provide pure hydrocarbon biodiesel, the most excellent contribution to society, the benefit of mankind.
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