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B5 biodiesel overall sales growth can be | in the city of Shanghai will set up 200 more than B5 bio diesel gas station

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In January 2, 2018, surging journalists learned from the Shanghai food security commission that this B5 biodiesel has been sold for 2 months. According to Sinopec's market research, users are generally satisfied with B5 biodiesel's power performance and mileage. However, 5% of the price concessions make it popular with the oil consuming logistics industry.
Research shows that the overall sales growth of B5 biodiesel can be expected. By 2019, more than 200 B5 biodiesel stations will be set up in Shanghai.
In October 30, 2017, two Sinopec gas stations, located in Fengxian District and Pudong New Area, began to pilot the sale of B5 biodiesel.
In from November 14th to 21st of the same year, the Sinopec operation and management department issued a market questionnaire for customers who filled diesel oil at two gas stations in Pudong weft three and Fengxian Zhuang Zang. The summary shows that the overall sales growth of biodiesel can be expected to increase. Customers' satisfaction with biodiesel is generally general. Customers generally have a satisfactory degree of B5 biodiesel power performance and mileage.
But the most important thing is that B5 biodiesel can not only greatly reduce the risk of the waste oil return to the table, but also help alleviate the problem of urban pollution, which is also one of the important reasons for public recognition.
The survey of Sinopec shows that the price of oil products, which is economic, is the key to the promotion of the market.
During the promotion, the price of oil was 5%, about 0.3 yuan / liter. In the selection of the suburbs of Sinopec gas station, the logistics industry is relatively concentrated, a lot of fuel to bring a lot of demand. The logistics industry has also become the biggest demand for B5 biodiesel.
Research shows that customers tend to set up biodiesel outlets in the suburbs, and suburbs and motorway logistics distribution and transportation are relatively dense areas, which are important conditions for the location of new biodiesel stations.
Therefore, since the launch of B5 Biodiesel Market pilot in October 30th, as of December 2017, Sinopec's pilot gas station has increased from 2 to 9, including 3 in Fengxian, 2 in Baoshan, 1 in Pudong, 1 in Songjiang, 1 in Qingpu and 1 in Jiading.
Recently, Sinopec Shanghai branch has formulated the "B5 vehicle diesel application promotion plan". It is clear that by the end of 2019, the sales of B5 vehicle diesel will reach 200, and the market supply capacity will reach 400 thousand tons per year.
Of course, Shanghai Food Safety Office revealed that at present, the cost of research and development of biodiesel is not low. Especially the promotion of promotion, the cost is relatively high.
To this end, the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission has proposed "Shanghai to promote the sale of biodiesel fuel support management measures", considering the subsidy policy of biodiesel.
The price of domestic gasoline and diesel may continue to rise
As of 2017 December 29th, New York WTI crude oil futures prices intraday for two years and hit 60.42 yuan, finally to close at .10 / barrel, up {%新闻内容%}.21, or 0.35%; London Brent crude oil futures prices closed at .62 / barrel, up {%新闻内容%}.42, rose 0.63%; crude oil prices at the end of the 2017 the perfect ending.
With the rise in international oil prices, the rate of change of crude oil basket price continues to stretch upward positive; December 27, 28, 29, the package of changes in crude oil prices were 2.31%, 3.02%, 3.10%; analysts believe that the weak dollar and Iran's crisis is pushing up international oil prices, if international oil prices continue to rise. The first adjustment of oil prices in 2018 will likely be larger than that of a rise in December 28th. Analysts at Goldman Sachs said: "the oil market is optimistic, and the oil price forecast will be up about 10% in 2018."
Rising fuel prices so many ordinary car owners feel the pressure, and speed up the creation of Sinopec B5 biodiesel gas station, proved the feasibility of the large-scale use of biodiesel, will also ease the petrochemical fuel prices rising to the consumer pressure, B5 biodiesel offers so many consumers tasted the sweetness". At the same time, B5 biodiesel has been improved under the premise that power is no less than that of petro diesel. All kinds of advantages will be favorable conditions and trends to promote the rapid development of biodiesel industry.
At present, renovation and maintenance also has entered the end of the original factory Terry energy Jiangxi Hongde new energy Co. Ltd. the original equipment, will produce B5 biodiesel in mid January, preparing early sales of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel company officially put into operation, and formally put into production of pure hydrocarbons biodiesel will be completed in August. After the completion of the construction will reach an annual output of 200 thousand tons of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel, is the first large-scale production company to enter the market.
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