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Terry Terry people on spiritual motivation

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-02-09 15:10:29 Read: 2581 second
Can a business evergreen, in addition to the innovative and conform to the times, the most important is the strong spirit of enterprise and faith support, the world is not lack of a hundred years, why it could have been forever, can not be ignored is that has inherited the spirit of enterprise, strong corporate support of the enduring faith.
More impetuous in today's society, many enterprises only for the pursuit of "short, flat, fast" (less investment, short period, quick) bring immediate benefits, thus ignoring the enterprise value and social responsibility, often leads to have the order reversed, not only a waste of resources, but also harm the interests of consumers. Therefore, enterprises need to have a strong spirit of struggle and practical spirit in order to succeed in the long term competition. When other companies interested in money, do die of a product, and then a new, quanqian "cycle, Terry insists buried in hard work, a person from a group of experts and scholars to focus on one thing: pure hydrocarbon biodiesel development, this is twelve years persist.

Who sold billions of dollars total investment project decided to business leader, is energy chairman Liu Hong terry.

In the early years of initial development, chairman Liu Hong firmly said: Terry is both breakthrough technology research and development of bio diesel is the bottleneck of the traditional, must overcome it, with the development of society, human progress, energy consumption demand is strong, but the petrochemical resources are not a bottomless pit, if not through new technology innovation and alternative, mankind will perish. If the bio diesel technology could not completely replace the fossil fuel, what is the significance of research. If the pure hydrocarbon biodiesel project can be developed successfully, the work is in the present time, and the profit is in a thousand and the autumn, even if the front is the abyss, we must go forward.
Some things, there is always someone to do, some difficulties, there is always someone to break.
Perseverance is in the end
Relying on belief and belief, and pursuing continuous improvement, continuous improvement and continuous innovation, the technology of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel is finally successful. The spirit of hard struggle and separation behind the success of this group and the chairman Liu Hong and Terry people do not open.

The technical success is to promote the industrialization of new energy to Terry starting point, is a long way to go, I will seek.

A few days ago, I helped the chairman arrange the schedule and schedule for nearly seven days. The dense schedule made people feel awed. The rest time was less than five hours per day. The working time was arranged to be accurate to minutes, and the work affairs seemed endless. High strength work, overload operation, from the creation of Terry since almost every day is the high pressure working state, although the chairman said that as long as the ideal, zaikuzailei are worth. But you know, he is more to set an example, if you don't struggle, around Terry people can work together for common goals.
What is Terry hardships? I found the answer: the entrepreneurial spirit of Liu Hong, the chairman of the chairman.
Lu Feng, the chairman of the WAN, said that there is an enterpriser spirit every day.
The joint CEO Chen Xiaoyu of Himalaya, Himalaya, says the spirit of entrepreneurship is sacrifice. "All my life after I start a business is one thing, that is work."
Ren Zhiqiang, President of Huayuan Group, talks about the spirit of enterprise and industry, and the innovation of enterprise household technology promotes social progress.
In my opinion, entrepreneurial spirit is the practical spirit of social responsibility and hard work. No one can shout slogans, but really for the purpose of desperation, roll up the sleeves are very few people.
The Chairman Terry Liu Hong is a real entrepreneur.
Terry spirit never inheritance
The idea and thought of a leader will map the spirit and culture of the enterprise. Terry is actively fighting, because there is a more positive struggle leader. All Talim people in that spirit, in excluding gains and losses for the company, vice president, chief engineer for rush plant construction often far apart from each other, often also can not attend dinner will go to the next station, all the hard work are engraved in the long work report, witness in factory construction change rapidly but, not complaining. Strive for the ideal for the goal, the process is bitter, but the heart is warm.
What is the spirit of this spirit is Terry, Terry, excluding gains and losses, not afraid of difficulties, a firm goal, to fling caution to the winds to achieve! Terry spirit is not say it, but the precipitation in action, engraved in the heart.
The scarcity of energy is always a controversial topic, to promote the development of new energy, to achieve technological innovation, clean and environmentally friendly renewable energy output, Terry began a shoulder this task and goal from birth, through technical pure hydrocarbon biodiesel industrialization, to solve food safety, environmental pollution, energy crisis fundamentally, for the benefit of all mankind, this is the ideal and target for chairman. It is this "energy dream" to support him all the way the rain came, Terry can experience suffering and not rely on, is a kind of belief, a not afraid of difficulties, the difficulties of fighting spirit, the spirit of hard work. It is this spirit that created Terry soul.
The soul of the enterprise, will never die.
Gilder wrote in the soul of the enterprise that spirit and belief are the way of life for entrepreneurs. The views of Clausewitz's theory of war are also very profound. What is the role of the senior generals when the war is in a mess? It is to lead your team forward with your own light in the dark and dark, like Greek mythology.
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