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New Project

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Jiangxi Zunxin Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zunxin Energy) was established in December 2017 and is fully invested and constructed by Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd. The company is located in Xiangxi Vulcanization Industrial Park, Dexing City, Jiangxi Province, with a total investment of three phases. 1.1 billion yuan (including construction investment, working capital) will be built into China's green energy industry benchmark enterprises. The project uses waste oils and vegetable oils such as waste oil as raw materials to produce pure hydrocarbon bio-energy products such as pure hydrocarbon biodiesel and bio-gasoline with the same chemical composition of petrochemical diesel through nano-molecular sieve catalytic reduction deoxidation technology, which can directly be used in any diesel fuel on the market. It is used on gasoline engines without adjustment. The production process is in a leading position in China.
The innovative energy new construction project plans to invest 300 million yuan in the first phase, with a construction area of 102.55 mu and a total construction area of 68,366 square meters. The production equipment mainly includes a catalytic reduction deoxidation unit for the production of 200,000 tons/year of pure hydrocarbon bioenergy products, a refining device for 50,000 tons/year of pure hydrocarbon biodiesel products, and a 12,000 tons/year liquefied gas filling and assembly device. Supporting the construction of office buildings, R&D centers, quality control centers, DCS center control rooms, logistics centers, storage and transportation centers, power distribution centers, electromechanical instrument security centers, and fire protection centers.
The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. After completion, the annual output of pure hydrocarbon bio-energy products will reach 200,000 tons, with an annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan and annual profit and tax of 200 million yuan, realizing mass production in real sense. Zunxin Energy will be the first model factory production base of Teli Energy to build a complete new energy industry chain system, laying a good foundation for the company to achieve global industrial layout and establish an industry benchmark.

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