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Diatom culture

Diatom culture

Product description

The Zhaokai Bioengineering R&D Center of Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd. has developed a unique open diatom scale production technology and formed a complete set from open low cost diatom culture, diatom harvesting to diatom bio-oil extraction. Process technology. The technology has won several national patents and is an international leader in diatom farming technology.
Zhaokai Bioengineering Research and Development Center has the scale cultivation of diatoms in open systems. The diatom culture technology is less affected by geographical restrictions, with less investment and high unit yield, and has good promotion prospects.
The daily output of diatoms, affected by sunlight and temperature, can produce between 0.1-0.2 grams of dry algae per liter of water. The maximum daily output can reach 0.4 grams per liter. With an effective working day of 300 days per year and a reactor depth of 0.3 meters, 120 tons of dry algae can be produced per hectare per year. Calculated by taking 30% of the oil, it can produce 36,000 liters of bio-oil.
Diatom bio-oils can be used to produce biodiesel, aviation fuel, and the like. Aviation kerosene has strict requirements on calorific value, density and low temperature performance, and argon extracted aviation fuel can replace conventional aviation kerosene. The use of diatom aviation fuel can greatly reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons in the exhaust gas, and the emission of sulfide can be reduced to 1/60 of that of conventional aviation kerosene.

Prospect of diatom ecological industry chain system
The application prospect of diatom is broad. Shenzhen Taili Energy Group Co., Ltd. will gradually develop a complete diatom eco-industrial chain through the layout, deepening and continuous improvement of diatom industrialization, and strive to make certain contributions to environmental construction and energy transformation.
1. The role of diatoms in the carbon cycle
2. The fishery and edible value of diatom
3, the application of diatom oil
4, diatom shell and role
5. Application of diatoms in degradable plastics or films
6, the environmental value of diatom

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