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Diatom shell application

Diatom shell application

Product description

Diatom frustules can be widely used in many fields such as:
1. Plastic degradation: As a modified material of plastic, diatom shell is added to plastic in the modified diatom shell to realize complete degradation of plastic within one year without any harm to the environment.
2. Aluminum alloy and metal composite material: After adding diatom shell, the strength and toughness of the metal can be further improved, and the material can be made lighter, and the sound insulation effect is better. In military, aerospace engine materials, such as high, fine and sharp There are a lot of application prospects in the technical field.
3. Coating: It can be used to manufacture high temperature resistant coatings, soundproof coatings, thermal insulation coatings, stealth coatings, marine anti-corrosion coatings, anti-oxidation coatings, etc.
4. Rubber: Greatly improve the wear resistance and aging resistance of rubber.
5. Chip material: As a nano-scale high-purity chip material, and help the chip to achieve micro-nano chip.
6. Electronics: Micro-nano cathode materials and insulating materials.
7. Ceramic: sound insulation, heat insulation, light weight and impact resistance.
8. Adsorption material: The best heavy metal adsorption material can adsorb heavy metals in sewage to normal standards and can be used repeatedly for hundreds of times.

In addition, it is in resin composites, electronic packaging materials, pigments, sealants, galvanized steel products, pharmaceutical carriers, cosmetics, antibacterial materials, lubricant additives, new plexiglass additives, textiles, 3D printing. Materials, agriculture and food have broad application prospects.
The diatom industry will be an extremely large ecological industrial system. It is not only a revolution in the field of materials, but also supplements the shortage of various high, fine and pointed materials in China, and in agriculture, aquaculture, food security, energy, medicine, Environmental protection and other aspects will play a huge role.

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