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Core equipment

Core equipment

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The use of advanced domestic biodiesel production technology, special equipment to custom by catalytic reduction, drainage oil, acid oil, waste animal and vegetable oil as the main raw material, through catalytic reduction reaction, macromolecular oil by catalytic reduction, molecular rearrangement, decarboxylate and carbonyl reaction mechanism, the animal and vegetable oil into biodiesel. The composition, molecular structure of oil condensation point, density, viscosity, cetane number of sixteen indicators have reached the national standard of five. Diesel's demands.
The technology has been identified by the state as an advanced level in China, and has been awarded several national patents such as a method of biodiesel production from waste oil, acidified oil and animal and plant waste oil, a biodiesel catalytic cracking equipment and so on. The process is reasonable and meets the requirements of environmental protection, safety and health and fire protection standards.

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