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Core equipment

Core equipment

Product description

1, reaction - regenerative part
The raw oil enters the buffer tank of the raw oil of this device, and then enters the reaction zone of the reactor to carry out the catalytic reduction reaction. Gas phase products such as gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, dry gas and oil slurry are produced, and coke is generated at the same time. The reaction oil gas and the spent catalyst are separated rapidly from the quick outlet of the reactor outlet. After separating the catalyst from the cyclone separator, the oil and gas move away from the settler to the purification tower.
In order to ensure the requirement of the process for the catalyst space velocity in the reaction zone, the external circulation extraction system and the outer circulation pipe and the circulation spool valve at the bottom of the stripping section are added to the bottom of the stripping section, and the catalyst to be added to the reaction area is added.
The raw catalyst is completely regenerated through the stripping section, the raw inclined tube and the raw slide valve into the bottom of the coke burning tank of the regenerator. The excess heat in the regeneration process is taken away by an external heat collector.
2, energy recovery part
The regenerated flue gas first enters the smoker, reclaims the pressure energy, and then enters the waste heat boiler, and then the chimney is emptied after the heat energy is recovered.
3, refined part
The reaction oil and gas coming from the settler enter the bottom of the purification tower, through the counterflow contact of the human type baffle plate and the circulating oil slurry, and wash the catalyst in the reaction oil and gas to make the oil and gas saturated and enter the upper part of the refining tower for refining.
The superfluous heat of the refined tower is reflued by the top cycle, recirculating in the middle section, recirculating in the second middle section and reflux of the slurry.
This device is controlled by DCS control system.

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