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Pure hydrocarbon biodieselHVO

Pure hydrocarbon biodieselHVO

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The pure hydrocarbon biodiesel HVO produced by Shenzhen Taili Energy Co., Ltd. has been tested by Sinopec Testing Center and can completely replace petrochemical diesel. The core indicators are superior to the national VI diesel standard and have the following characteristics:
1, 100% petrochemical diesel composition
2, diesel engine can be used directly 100%
3, the freezing point and cold filter point can reach -13 ° C
4, the use of process is free of pollution, no carcinogens, no PM2.5, no heavy metals, zero emissions after combustion
5, the core indicators are better than the national VI diesel standard
6, effective storage time up to 5 years (the effective storage time of petrochemical diesel is 90 days)
7, cetane number up to 65.1%
The production process of Teli Energy Pure Hydrocarbon Biodiesel is fully automated, basically free of waste gas, waste water and noise pollution, and fully complies with national environmental protection regulations. The pure hydrocarbon biodiesel produced by Teli Energy has the same chemical composition as the high quality petrochemical diesel, the same physical and chemical properties, the same product quality index, can be mixed with high quality petrochemical diesel in any ratio, or can be used alone. Its performance and emission standards fully meet the international environmental protection. Claim.

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